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I wonder when GT Inc. will offer support for web services?

The Google api, using SOAP and WSDL, allows us to use Google as a web service, which can be somewhat usefull (see google box at the bottom).

The Blogger api, using XML-RPC, is also really cool, and should be supported by Links SQL too. MovableType does it, and although I don't understand the scripting, it does seem possible to do the same for Links SQL.

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Hmmm...interesting thoughts and products you've posted. Although I think that Links SQL is much more flexible and portable than the "Moveable Type" script that you mentioned. That product only works with MySQL and Berkley DB, which is restrictive, since Links SQL works with MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and even Postgres.
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How would it be used? It's just that I"ve seen a few SOAP/RPC ish apps out there but not that many. What would interface to them? Or is this primarily for other developers to create interfaces to the apps?

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Aki: Jul 13, 2002, 2:26 PM
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Re: [Aki] Gossamer api In reply to
Well, it could be use for various things ... it could integrate your database with various applications, it could allow you to publish stuff via other applications, etc.

I noticed that the Web Service Links and Resources site - http://wsindex.org/ - offers exactly what I'm looking for.

Re MovableType, I must say that I'm very impressed with it, and have recently migrated from Links2 to MT for my weblog. Partly because MT supports web services, thus allowing me to use tools like MozBlog.

Fore more on web services, see also http://slashdemocracy.org/...nology/Web_Services/