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Gossamer Links 3 Feature Request

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Gossamer Links 3 Feature Request
Hi Everyone,

I'm quite excited about this new release. I do have a couple of features I'd love to see:
  1. The ability to easily set an expiration date for links with the option to leave it blank for no expiration.
  2. The ability to have dynamic pages that look like static pages.

For those of us with EXTREMELY large data sets, the option of generating static pages may not be feasible. I know the e-commerce package OSCommerce has a tweak that allows the admin to choose this option. I think it is done with mod rewrite.

Regarding the aforementioned feature, I do have one question: How would it effect search engine rankings, etc.?

Another question, will LINKS SQL mods/plugins work with Gossamer Links?

Also, what is the expected price point for the product?

Lastly, will LINKS SQL continue to be developed or is this the replacement? Does a "side-by-side" comparison of the two scripts exist? I'd love to see one.

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Re: [ATKOgirl] Gossamer Links 3 Feature Request In reply to
Anyone out there?
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Re: [ATKOgirl] Gossamer Links 3 Feature Request In reply to
As for #2, yes, many of us run our sites this way. There are a couple really nice threads on the forums here on how to set it up for Links. It would be nice if Links could set this up on it's own, however.

Using mod-rewrite to mask your dynamic pages really does help with search rankings because many robots do not spider CGI pages. And some applications such as Google's ad service actually depend on your site having been spidered by one its robots in order to get targeted ads based on actual page content.

Limecat is not pleased.