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Gossamer - Whats going on

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Gossamer - Whats going on

I have waited over a year for a very simple product.

Gossamer Community

Users are being offered it, buts it seems in a very odd way.

Could someone from Gossamer Threads please tell me what is going on.

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Re: [dregs2] Gossamer - Whats going on In reply to
This is just a bit of info before a staff member sees this post.

Gossamer Community is quite far from simple (I assume). It has to tie all scripts together and as we are all aware of the Alex's ability then I don't think it would have taken this long unless it was a large task.

The people obtaining copies in what you call a strange way, are only actually beta testing the script, which is an important part of the development process before the script is released to a wider audience. The beta testers can then help to weed out any obvious bugs.

The last thing I heard, which was a week or two ago was that the community plugin will be released soon after christmas. I don't want to give out false information so don't take my post as gospel but I *think* it is quite accurate.

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Paul: Dec 31, 2002, 4:36 PM