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Give the world a shop!

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Give the world a shop!
not sure if this has already been suggested, but if you guys put out some online shop software it would be great - i'd buy it tomorrow! or yesterday!

i purchased "ShopInBox" from Commercial Networks some time ago - it's never worked or even been finished and they provide ZERO support. A complete waste of money in my view.

how about build a complete system instead of a plugin or hack of linksSQL?


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ryel01: Mar 21, 2002, 2:48 PM
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Re: [ryel01] Give the world a shop! In reply to

We have looked into this, as building a set of payment processing libraries is big on my todo list (as we could use that code in so many ways).

What sort of features would you be looking for?


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Re: [Alex] Give the world a shop! In reply to
Hi Alex,

I use Linksql in combination with the shopping-card MOF (Merchant Order Form)

Itīs a good combination, because I can forward all record information (using globals) to the card. The card can also show images of the items. The script is very rich on features, so it can be customized for individual needs. It can be used with a mysql-db to store the order-data. I use dbman to organize this data for order-tracking and statistics.
Also an affiliate-system is available which I can control with the same order-db, also by dbman.

Now I found another interesting script: OS Commerce (an open source solution)

I just set up a test installation of it, but I think itīs very good. Unfortunately itīs PHP based, a topic where Iīm not familiar with, so Iīm still unsure if I should use it for a new project I plan.

I would more like to use Linksql with a shopping-solution.

Your scripts are not very cheap for the most users. In my case I purchased Linksql, G-Mail, Dbman and maybe soon Forum and community. This would be a good combined solution (only whith community).

People who purchase your scripts need to refinance the costs of the script, so they need to try to earn money with their projects. This can be in different way, but a shopping solution within the GT-Scripts is a MUST.

Programming a shopping-card is a very complex challenge, if you solution should be working for international needs with different payment, shipping and tax situations.

You should not ask what features the card should have! Take a look for an existing good solution and try to have the developer as a member of your team, to create a GT-Shop based on his or her experiences.
Just an idea :)

Iīm sure you are not thinking about if you should create a shopping-solution, you are thinking about how you can make it tomorrow, isnīt it?

Your customers are thinking about why you did not present a solution yesterday! :)

Go ahead! Provide us with the community and then with the shop, itīs much more usefull than an autoresponder script.

Michael Skaide


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Re: [Alex] Give the world a shop! In reply to
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What sort of features would you be looking for?

The package I currently have has a "mall" administration, which allows you to set up any number of individual shops - that is one feature which would be great if you could build it in. What it means is instead of just being one shop, the system becomes a farm of shops which you can then onsell and make $ out of. I guess it would be id based or just pull on the calling url and then choose the appropriate template set etc.

- If the linkSQL category manager could be utilised that would make managing the products a lot easier. I'm not sure if there's a better way to do it if you get over 1000 products, all with pictures etc?
- Built in and customisable tax settings.
- Order Tracking
- Plugin based payment modules (so any could be written & added)
- Mailing List
- If the farm idea is utilised, a preferences page to customise colours etc.
- Postage / Courier settings to automatically calculate postage $.

There's just a few. Will add more as they come to me. :)

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Re: [ryel01] Give the world a shop! In reply to
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There's just a few. Will add more as they come to me.

A few more for you...

- Orders (Current, Pending, Processed, Enter New, Search).
- Customers (Active, Inactive, Enter New)
- Products (Add/Edit/Delete, Pricing, Up-sell, Cross-sell, Promotion, Inventor, Options)
- Template Based to easily change look/format
- Reports (Orders, Products, Site/Category Traffic)


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Re: [ryel01] Give the world a shop! In reply to
An integrated shopping system would be a great addition. One of the sticking points I keep running into is how the transactions are going to be processed, as in the merchant account.

Our links program is set up like a venue, where people can come and look at all sorts of links to web sites, then if they want to purchase something they contact the person directly. Not unlike Ebay. We would like to also help with the financial transactions by processing the payments, but we don't really want to be considered a "store" since that would involve taking care of returns, or handling complaints.

So, whatever you come up with, I hope you take into account how the credit card is processed and by whom. Maybe tie it into PayPal, or Payment Systems, so that it's seamless. Would all of our stores need to set up their own Merchant Accounts?

Just rambling here, but that is the kind of questions/problems I have, and if GT offered some solutions I would certainly be interested.