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Forum Rules and Posting Etiquette

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Forum Rules and Posting Etiquette
I think it might be nice if there were a simple set of rules and forum ettiqutte spelt out for all to read somewhere.

I think this would give a guidline to what is right and wrong for those who are not sure, and at the risk of sounding like an authoritarian or an old school teacher:
  • Acceptable Avtars
  • Profane Language, what is ok, what is not
  • Personal attacks
  • Giving out personal information on others
  • Cluttering posts with chit chat, when its not in the chit chat forum

This would also give moderators immediate backing for moving, editing, deleting, or otherwise with someones post.

Just a thought.

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Ian: Jul 13, 2002, 2:27 PM
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Re: [Ian] Forum Rules and Posting Etiquette In reply to
I think GT currently dun get strict on rulese because we r all nice here:) good behaviors = virtue!!