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EXE download as well as ZIP

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EXE download as well as ZIP
Hello Alex and any other moderators that may be interested...

I realise that the downloadable versions of Links2/SQL and DBMAN/SQL are currently only ZIP files and that they do the job just fine but it seems that some people seem to have problems unzipping and extracting the files into their correct directories and that is why they have problems when installing.

I have therefore created an EXE setup file using Installer VISE that extracts the files to their proper location and also includes Copyright notices and other useful information during the setup process.

For the SQL versions and for scripts requiring payment, I have added password protection to the setup file (password can be supplied on payment).
Alternatively the setup file can prompt for a username and registration code.

I have examples of all of these setup files and so if...well Alex mainly...wants to test out these applications then please let me know.

I am willing to provide these files for free as I think that they will give Gossamer-Threads customers an alternative way of downloading the scripts and it adds security to the paid versions as well as providing a professional look!

Anyway...if interested, please let me know!


From Paul Wilson.
On error resume next..