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Just looking through the docs, and found random salient notes:
Page 71: If you are modifying a pre-existing plugin…?
Page 86: Detail exactly how to include templates: rest_is commands, etc.
Page 89 : explain how detailed tag works

but then on page 72 you have the ultra weird

(Help with explaining prefixes, hostnames, etc.?)

If you make any changes to your SQL server, Links SQL will have to (examine? Recreate?) the new database. Select one of the following options for the (creation?) of the new database:

Unless this is a new style of manual writing, it's probably been overlooked.
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andy_C: Sep 18, 2001, 3:48 PM
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Re: [andy_C] Documentation In reply to
Hmm, seems some of the internal comments were left in. ;) We'll get that fixed up.


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Re: [Alex] Documentation In reply to
Congrats Alex, it's a great manual.
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