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Database Editing

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Database Editing
I have added sub-categories to my system, I have about 250 links and have to sort these links and assign them to the correct sub-categories, of course I have to do it manually, 'Search and Replace from a text editor will not help.

Can someone suggest me a system?

I tried open the links.db by MS Excel 'delimited' and it opens and displays the data well in a column format, but after editing saving it to the same links2 data format is the think that I can not figure out.

Pleases help..

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This should be posted in the Links 2.0 Discussion Forum.

Anyway...what you should do is the following:

1) Save it as a tab delimited text file.
2) Then open the text file in a text editor and globally replace the \t with whatever delimiter you are using, like |.
3) Save the file as links.db.
4) Upload the file to your web server in the data directory.
5) Edit the linksid.txt file so that it contains the last record number you have in your links.db.

BTW: This has been discussed quite a few times in the support forums...search for offline editing.


Eliot Lee