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Current GT Projects

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Current GT Projects
Just interested to know what GT is working on at the moment. We haven't heard much recently and it would be nice to know if any updates or new versions (for any products) are on the way.
I'm very interested in a payment system for DBManSQL but I'm not holding my breath as I know it's not one of their priority products.
Any news would be most welcomed.
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Re: [jai] Current GT Projects In reply to
Hi Simon,

We've been so busy we've forgotten to prepare an update, so this will have to do for now.

Currently, the screens on our monitors are dominated by Gossamer Mail version 3, a beta of which we hope to release soon. After that, we have Gossamer Forum next on the list. A full update will be released shortly, hopefully this serves in the meantime.

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Re: [Jack] Current GT Projects In reply to
Hi Jack

And what about Gossamer Community Frown

I think the previous posts in the Community forum indicate without doubt that there is demand for new functions and I really think that new functions will incite more people to use it !

Also bringing Community up to speed with Links, GMail and GForum seems a pretty essential move...

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Re: [Jag] Current GT Projects In reply to
It's definitely on the list of things to do, that's for sure.


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Jack: Nov 10, 2005, 8:56 AM
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Re: [Jack] Current GT Projects In reply to
  • Also GT should put the GCommunity app to the GT product page:

    There are still people, who don't even know, that GCommunity is. Unsure
    It is a separate product, which unifies the user handling of ALL the GT apps, so its place is definitely on the GT product list, as a separate software. Let the people know about it...

  • Also waiting the DBMan SQL update. I would wait with my developments until the GT library update is done.

  • Also note my feature request for GForum (at least for this online forum):
    "Got solution" marking system for threads
    This suggested feature, would make easier for us (the community supporters, forum helpers, developers) to see, which thread was solved and which one still needs help...

    Best regards,

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