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Compressing templates

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Compressing templates
After cleaning up all the unneed tags that my great WYSIWYG generated for me Mad I started wondering how much I could reduce the file size of this HTML document. I downloaded an app called Textsoup which remove all spaces and indentations you get from nested tables and just about everything else. To may amazment it reduced my 45kb file to just about 15kb. Although unlegable, it's a pritty significant diff.

Anyways, back to my suggestion. Is there anyway to implement a system where the admin will have a nicely legible version of the html template, but when the software goes to retrive the html for the user it sends them a "compressed" version.

Let me know your thoughts, or if you need clarification.


Milan Armani
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Re: [Unquick] Compressing templates In reply to
Most of our programs have a template compression option, which strips out as much excess whitespace as it can without changing the page. This is entirely dynamic - it doesn't require you to change your templates to take advantage of the compression. The resulting HTML, if you "View Source" of the page, is pretty ugly, but the admin templates are still easy to work with.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Compressing templates In reply to
Oh cool, the option must not be enabled to in the DBMan demo but it is in the Links SQL demo.

Learn something new everyday, Cheers =)