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Community and .htaccess

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Community and .htaccess
Thanks, Alex, for the recent update on Community.

I do have one important (at least for me) remaining question:

Will there be an easy way to synchronize the centralized user database with (or even base it on) an .htpasswd file?

In more detail:

Our site has a reasonably extensive, paid, members-only section (not porn, honest) and I am looking at integrating GForum, DBMan, and possibly GMail. As it currently exists, with only relatively static content and functionality behind the .htaccess protected sections, the e-commerce sign-up script we are using adds users to the .htpasswd file automatically after they have paid their membership dues and deletes them when rebilling fails. This, obviously, is a very convenient way to manage membership and dues billing. However, if and when the aforementioned GT products are integrated, I would like a way for non-members to sign-up with limited privileges, while members automatically receive full privileges without having to login multiple times (i.e. through the .htaccess pop-up and then again via the Community process). Hopefully this makes sense.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: [davidziel] Community and .htaccess In reply to

"Out of the box", probably no. But it could definately be modified to suit your needs. I'm sure we will need to make some changes to Community to fit in with everyones authentication needs, and we will definately try and do that.


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