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Additional Layer For Top Of Threads

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Additional Layer For Top Of Threads
Right now, when we enter the Links Customization thread, for instance, all the threads are jumbled together, from add.html to Mom's apple pie.

My guess is that it would be a little more helpful if, when we first enter, that we would then have a choice of Search.cgi threads, Newsletter threads, etc., and also maybe "Other" for threads that are not primarily associated with the "Named" threads.

This way, it would be a lot easier for users to find, follow, and participate in threads that are important to them.

For instance, if I'm trying to do a lot with newsletter capabilities, then I could enter Links Customization, then choose Newsletter Mods/Hacks, then get a screenful of related topics that primarily relate to subscribe.cgi.

Yeah, of course everyone always the option to do a search in the current format to round up relevant threads, but I like the idea of being able to go right to a focused group. It's kind of like having a delegated set of specialists in an office.

Maybe allow the writer to designate a thread as a "Newsletter" thread by using a checkbox and give the visitor some kind of option to display only threads that have been checked "Newsletter."


Thanks. Smile

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Unfortunately this isn't easily implemented in the forum we are using.. For now, I'd suggest just the search feature. =)



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