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A nice feature for LinksSQL

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A nice feature for LinksSQL
A nice feature when you select to "email all link owners" would be the ability to include the URL for each owner's page in the directory (the page where they can find their link)

The reasoning is this:

When you set up links in your directory, it would be cool to add the email addresses for the various sites you are adding. Then, once you have things set up, you can send out an email with a reciprocal link request to all the webmasters of the sites you have added...

The fact that the email will show the recipient exactly where their link is within the directory, makes it more likely that they will respond to the reciprocal link request.

I know that those who add their links to the directory individually can elect to receive mail, and you could of course always approach them...

In contrast, my idea would be more of an unsolicited thing as you are the one adding the email addresses initially... But then again, it WOULD be considered a legitimate business communication (not spam), as reciprocal linking generally benefits all concerned in terms of search engine relevance.

The key thing though, is being able to add the respective owner's URLs in the directory where their link appears.

Dunno, just an idea, but seems like it would sure make a reciprocal link campaign easy.

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