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search.cgi / category.cgi

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search.cgi / category.cgi
I'm looking for an extended search.cgi.

Note: Currently (and in the future) my database will only have 3 categories. With (usually) in total 60 links. (Links2.0)

I don't want to use the build-feature. Only this 'search.cgi'.


About searching:

- I want to offer users to search the complete database. (standard)
- I want to offer users to search only in 1 category. (public modification)

About displaying:

- I want to display the results in 2 different ways:

a) only the results that matches the search-term (standard)
b) first the results that matches the search-term and then alle 'other' links in that specific category / all categories

About sorting:

- sort all results based on user-input
- sort all results 'at random' (but on a daily base)
- sort the matched results 'at random' , and then the 'other' results 'at random'

I hope my specs are clear!


Otherwise I hope the following explanation will help!

Allow users to select wich category the want to view by a select-field with an optional search-word.


Without optional search-word: Display all links of that specifice category at random (on a daily base)

With a optional search-word: First display the results 'matched' followed by all other links in that category. (both at random)


- Allow user to define "sort".
- Allow user to search the overall database.