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require custom job
For a contests and giveaways site, I require:

Additional Options/table elements (viewable by surfer) in addition to "Whats new", "Add Link" etc:
"Expiring soon" - requires "promo end date" table element for comparison (actual linked sites expiry date of contest or giveaway within x number of days to be set in Admin area)

"Closed comps" (by month) (past close date - remove from database on "Link Expiry Date" set in Admin area)

Additional Options/table elements (not viewable by surfer):
"Link Expiry date" (have seen this in forum area, so code already exists) - this is in addition to "promo end date" as sometimes may wish to list a promo for a specific time ("Link Expiry date") and not till the promo actually ends ("promo end date") - delete from table if exists on due date.
Note "Link Expiry daye" would usually be after "promo end date" - but not always!

Ability to add or subtract x number of hours from server determined time, as site of hosted in USA but directed mainly to Australians in another time zone would be great.

Code to ensure fits into frameset at lottos.com.au:
- menu on left for two categories of
giveaways and sweepstakes/contests (g/s) with clicking to open
g/s in main frame area. All g/s clicked links to open new browser window with no url address etc.

Thorough testing before supply, on web site test area accessable by me.
As prefer I install on live site, full install instructions.

(Initial) Categories in contests:
Domestic Holidays
Overseas Holidays
Sporting Equipment
Beauty And Cosmetic Products
Clothes And Accessories
Computer Equipment
Home Entertainment
White Goods
Furniture And Appliances
Entertainment (movie tickets etc.)

(Initial) Categories in giveaways:
Adults Only
Business, Career & Finance
Computing & Software
Education & Reference
Flowers & Gifts
Food & Wine
Health & Beauty
Hobbies & Interests
Home & Living
Internet & Telecoms
Kids Stuff
Music & Entertainment
Sports & Leisure

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Re: require custom job In reply to
Hi Lottos,
This project is quite involved. We would require more details as to how exactly you want the categories displayed on the main page because this would require two independent sets of categories and depending how you want it displayed, additional modifications may be required. Frames make it more complicated and time consuming and requires a lot of modifications to have the html pages built in frames.


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Re: require custom job In reply to
I would have thought that just altering the links.cfg file and having a /giveaways and /freestuff links pages would have taken care of the 2 major categories, then just link the urls from the frame menu to the main target area.
I guess I can try it and see!
The major work I thought was creating the expired area.

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Re: require custom job In reply to
Also, I thought that loopy.net had pretty much what is required.... looks like links 2 to me anyway!

The auto delete function has come up in these forums in bits and pieces, but I can't find a complete install set with instructions!

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Re: require custom job In reply to
The difficulty comes in having to have nph-build actually build the html pages in frames. You have to make a base frame set of templates and build multiple html pages for each page.