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flat txt database

herewith I would like to order a customized cgi script.

1.) 8 fields txt database

2.) Admin Tool to add and manage the flat txt database

3.) Html search website with search form (AND) exact match (OrderNumber;OrderDate;Name;ZIPcode) and Html result website

Customer has to provide 2 of 4 information to receive the result page: OrderNumber;OrderDate;Name;ZIPcode;

Result example
Order number: 12345
Order date: 01.January.2013
Shipping date: 03. January 2013
Name: James
Zip Code: 33344
Tracking number: 111222333444
Shipper: Name of the Shipping company
Shipper tracking Website: http://Shipper-tracking-Websiteexample.com/tracking

Thanks in advance.. Regards
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