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dbman relational mod ($100.00)

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dbman relational mod ($100.00)
Ok after spending many hours trying to get the relational mod to work. I am throwing up the white flag. Unfortunately, I'm on a Cobalt RaQ 2 server which does not support SQL or Access, so I've been trying to get this relational mod to work.

So here's my question... Is anyone willing to take my Dreamweaver 4 page and modify it, with dbman with the relational mod working to my specifications. I don't mean to insult anyone if $100.00 is too meeger, I just figured that it's already $100.00 for the dbman script, so should it cost more for someone to slap it and the mod together, I don't know??? Anyway if your interested please post or email me robert.blissett@labatt.com, and I'll get you the other details of the project and what it entails.

Thanks, Rob

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Re: [rblissett] dbman relational mod ($100.00) In reply to
Thanks to all who emailed me, I have found someone to do this job.

Thanks again,