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customized links sql with credit card payments

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customized links sql with credit card payments
Looking for several mods to a new copy of linkssql as follows:

The site it's for is currently completely static and consists of over 5000 pages - http://www.boatmall.com. Each of those pages contains basically a listing detailing the company's service, contact info, etc. For an example, see http://www.boatmall.com/Builders/Name00001.htm
  1. The user will pay for each listing on the site and the price will be configured within the admin area on a category by category basis so a field will need to be added containing price when we do the initial set up of the category structure.
  2. within the admin area, we will need the ability to create listings that are free, perhaps a check box can be added for a specific user which, when checked, makes all listings free.
  3. Once an account is created, the user will create each listing, choose the categories they wish it to appear in, then pay online.
  4. Upon receiving a positive response from authorizenet.com(our credit card processing company), the listing will be added to our queue of waiting listings for review and the expiration will be marked in the database. All listings will be annual.
  5. a cron will run which checks for expirations that are 14 day away and sends the user a personalized renewal reminder complete with link to his account. This will of course be password protected.
  6. clicking the link will bring up their account information, the number of catgories, the price for each and a sum of their listings. They will enter their credit card information and upon receiving a successful response, their account will be extended, the database updated with their expiraton and a thank you email will go out. Error messages will be printed to the screen.
  7. we will not be storing credit card information
  8. another reminder will go out 7 days from expiration and on the day of their expiration, a third email will go out and their account status will be sent to inactive, effectively removing them from the listings immediately. each of the emails will be dictated within the admin area with place holders for fields such as name, url, etc.
  9. an email account is to be set up for all bounced emails so that we may attempt other means of contact.
  10. this program is to run under mod_perl.
  11. separately, we will need a spider to parse our existing pages, collect the email, url and company name for each listing. We will then email those companies using either a built-in or separate facility.

I look forward to any questions and proposals.