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custom database setup
Hi guys I have used DBman and thinks it's great I'm not so good with SQL though and need a more robust DB with larger lookup facilities - wondering if anyone is interested ? What we need: We run a trade locator service here in Australia where we SMS a person's job details out to the closest 20 trade members we have on our books for example - a typical request from a visitor to our site would be : "Michael needs a plumber for all works to a new kitchen in Willoughby 2010, start 3 weeks. Call him on 9456 6900 if available." Now, we want to be able to do a database lookup to simply get a list of 20 mobile numbers (being the closest 20 plumbers we have ) based on the following criteria: TRADE TYPE - This is actually spread over 3 fields as our trade members can be listed in three different trade categories eg: plumber, handyman, gasfitter POSTCODE - We have a .csv file of the relative distances between all the postodes in Australia see here for more info on this DISTANCE - we need to be able to choose what closest distance - 10km from postcode, 20km, etc. That's it! How we're going to use this is that we can export the flat file of trade members info from our accounting package as a .csv file with the following fields to be uploaded: MOBILE,TRADECAT_1,TRADE_CAT2,TRADE_CAT3,POSTCODE once we have the result displayed in a web browser we will simply cut & paste the numbers into our SMS portal, include the message, and send. We will be needing this as a web based operation with password access for our admin staff to use only (some are offsite). Let me know if you're interested in quoting on this. ____________________________________________
Fred Mancer Managing Director info@tradeconnect.com.au TRADE CONNECT AUSTRALIA Phone: 1300 850 210 Fax: 1300 302 420 www.tradeconnect.com.au ____________________________________________