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Static Forum Page Maker

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Static Forum Page Maker

We have need of a stand alone Perl program or Gossamer Forum Plugin that will make static html pages from Gossamer Forum 2.0.
Version 1.0
- will build resulting HTML files in Seperate subdirectories for different Topics/Forums.
- will auto generate indexes for each forum and if possible, a site map also.
- Database: MySQL.

Once that is working, we will move on to Version 1.1

Advanced Features:

1) Auto Generated Categories: It need to be able to categorize the pages by topic. It must be flexible, Seperate subdirectories for different Topics.

2) Flaggable Discussion threads - threads need to be able to be manually "flaggable" - to show up in a particular category/directory. This lets you make a "Best Of ---" Category.

3) Topic Organizer will look for key phrases in the database/posts and make the static page in the matching category.
Key phrases can either overlap or be unique, settable by flag on each key phrase.
Pages are to be titled sensibly.

We have developed some of these algorithms. Need the implementation.

Program must be modular, with clean code that is commented.