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Simple dictionary plug in..

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Simple dictionary plug in..

We are running a dictionary feature on our site (very basic word for word)..

We would like to move it a step forward and integrate it with links..

What we are looking for is:
  1. Admin ability to add new languages each will be stored in its own table..
  2. Each table will have two columns in it: one always Arabic and the other is the language for that table (Arabic/English for example).
  3. A form for the users/admin to add words to the dictionary of their choice (drop down list of languages available to choose from our based on what they are browsing)..
  4. The admin has an option to validate added words one by one or auto accepts them..
  5. The user can search the dictionary they want..
  6. The templates we need are:
    • Main template to control the users browsing, user main page will list all languages then they enter a language then the letter category which will contain all words starting with that letter. The user should be able to sort all the words for any language they are browsing reversaly..(if browsing Arabic/English letter A (all words entries where the Arabic word start with A) they can change the view to view English/Arabic (all words entries where the English word start with A)
    • Template to control how each word will be listed in the browser.
    • Search results page.

If anyone has the ability to time to develop this please let us know how much and how long will it take..
Thank you.


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