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Re-setup of GLinks w/minor modification

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Re-setup of GLinks w/minor modification

I purchased the MySQL version of links a while back. I set it up OK, it worked fine. I have moved to a new server and since then made a real mess of things.

I am knowledgeable enough to get things done when I have the time, but generally smart enough to get myself into trouble.

I'm very busy with my real job and pressed for time. I am looking for someone knowledgeable with G Links to:

1) Set it up again with about five or six additional input fields - or - a completely new add url form with only my specific fields in it.
2) If possible, import my old "dump" into the new setup.

Basically that is it. I did the setup last year and muddled my way through it. I don't have the time to research all this again for the additional fields. Plus, I'd like it done correctly, rather than my hack-away-at-it method. The "dump" may or may not be workable, I'm not sure what happened with that. If it isn't I can build a pipe dilimeted database (like the old original links) and will want instructions on how that should be setup, so I can import it.

So, basically, I'm looking to have someone setup G Links for me with a few additional fields.

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Re: [Train] Re-setup of GLinks w/minor modification In reply to
I see that people are reading this forum but .... are there no coders around to do an install and minor modification of columns in tables?? I need five or six new fields to input data into.

I can reset this to a fresh install.

I have a dump that may or may not be any good. If not, I'll just have to start over.

Anyone have time to do an install of GLinks 3.2.0??? What payment do you require?


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Train: Mar 26, 2007, 5:38 PM
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Re: [Train] Re-setup of GLinks w/minor modification In reply to
Hi Train,

I have PM you some weeks ago but I did not "hear" any replies from you.




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Re: [Train] Re-setup of GLinks w/minor modification In reply to

Oops, missed this one =) If you still need the work done, please send me a PM / email me (andy @ ultranerds.com).


Andy (mod)
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