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Download system modification

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Download system modification
Dear all,

I am looking for some people to modify LinksSQL to act like a download system. It's better to be a plugin for the LinksSQL.

The requirments of the script are as follow:

1. When member download a file from the script, member won't know the excat location of the file.

2. There is a limit for each member that can download per month.

3. A whole file might divided into different parts. For example, File A might divided into part1, part2, part3..... The download limit is based on the whole file but not each parts.

4. Member area is protected by .htaccess. But the member information also stored in a .txt file. So the script might able to use that .txt to recored how many file that a member downloaded.

If anyone is interested in this, please quote a price and how long it takes to finish. Thanksa lot.


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Re: Download system modification In reply to
I'm sort of doing something like this for the Image Gallery mod (and the Multiple File- MultiUp mod).

I'm going to have a Download.cgi that keeps track of the counts, access, etc. I don't have it all worked out now, but this is the next major part I'm adding in.

This is actually a good sort of feature to work in, certain file types (categories?) that have their files kept "off line" in a server-only directory, and which are downloaded via a script.

email me with the details of what you are looking for, and I'll try to come up with something, if it fits what I'm doing.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
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Re: [Bear] Download system modification In reply to
This request is pretty old, but in case Bear or anyone else is still interested, let me offer an alternative solution. I've got a program available that is a fairly comprehensive download manager (doesn't accomplish item #3, but it could be done with some modification). It is written in PHP and MySQL, so it wouldn't tie directly into Links SQL as a plugin. However, one of the plans is to make the User table flexible enough to tie into other programs, so it may become possible to incorporate it into your existing database.

Rather than advertise for it here, contact me at the email address in my profile if you are interested in more info.