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Cookies session mod

Is it that much hard to have just a small routine on every CGI I want to add this feature to (not just Links CGI's) that would check if a cookie exist and if not, take the user to the login/registration page?

User data would be stored into a separate database, no matter if it's ASCII or MySQL, I don't care. I would just like to include a call to this login checker from any CGI I want to include the call to (either Links CGI or not).

AFAIK, this would not affect Links whatsover... I mean, I don't see the need for an upgrade 2 LinksSQL.

LMK, please.


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What will happen if user's browser is not enable cookie?



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Same as with any site that requires cookies.

In basic format all you'd need is.......

use CGI qw(:standard);

my $in = new CGI;

$in->cookie('Cookie') ? &ok : &login;

sub ok would then need to verify the cookie contents against your database. sub login would call the login page.