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Multiple Project Posting

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Multiple Project Posting

I have an interest in having a couple different projects done.

1. Population of a specialized Links SQL directory

Directory is set up by industry. DMOZ data can be used of course but by industry rather than the way it is set up in the DMOZ database.

2. Related Forums

A script that shows related forum postings in the links directory based upon industry/date

3. Related Links

A script to show related links in the forum by industry/Topic

If you are intersted please reply with a general idea of time and costs to expect. As well, I should mention that this is on an NT box.

Thanks in advance,

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Teambldr: Feb 7, 2002, 6:39 PM
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Re: [Teambldr] Multiple Project Posting In reply to
This can be dont... Pls contact me, i can give you a better solution & quote after getting some more information....

with regards,
Agriya Infoway Pvt. Ltd.
Mobile : +91-9841430004

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agriya: Feb 7, 2002, 9:25 PM