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Need customization

I need someone to customize my script a little bit. It is for a resort listing site with detailed pages for each resort listing. I need a photo upload mod so that we can add a few photos of what the resort looks like.

We must have a template designed so that the listings are standardized. Here is a rough example of the type of template we will need, minus the directions. In the control panel we need to have various resort options that can be checked such as various amenities the resort offers, like pool, game room, restaurants, etc..etc...


In the above example, the template would start about where the hotel name is listed.
Please contact me if interested..thanks
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Re: [Chris1] Need customization In reply to
Which script is this for? Links2 or Links SQL?
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Re: [RedRum] Need customization In reply to

Oops..sorry! This is for LinksSQL :)
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Re: [Chris1] Need customization In reply to
Ah ok well regarding the photo upload then you can just add a new column to the Links table (from the control panel....Database > Links/Properties > Add New Column) and call it "Photo" for example and make it a FILE field in the File Information section. You then need to add the new field to your add/modify forms like: <input type="FILE" name="Photo"> and it should upload the image.

Thats if you want to tackle that part yourself to cut your costs. You can ignore that and have someone else do it if you wish.

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RedRum: Nov 6, 2001, 8:53 AM
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Re: [RedRum] Need customization In reply to
Thanks RedRum..

Well I do have the photo upload option, but I am having errors with it, saying "no such file or directory exists" when I try to upload the photo. Also, I would like the option of uploading multiple photos. I am just busy with other projects and don't have time to mess around with it to get it working to our satisfaction. The boss lady is also on my butt to get it done, so I figured I would contract this work out.

I don't think this is too difficult to do if I had the time. Are you interested in it? If so send a price to the above email, the boss lady :)

Before beginning, I would need to get the specific template that we would need on the detailed.html pages. The above is just a rough example.

thanks, chris
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Re: [RedRum] Need customization In reply to
I, too, am putting together a resort listing site, but am in need of an entire script (with mods) for Links2. I've been trying to build it myself, but going is slow and someone else may already have the same in place already.

  • Links2
  • Details Mod
  • Password Mod
  • Expire Mod
  • Upload Mod (for pictures)
  • Checkbox and Dropdown Mod(s) (for listing amenities, etc.)

There may be something else I've overlooked as well. At any rate, if interested, please send me a private message.