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Google Style Ads (adwords)

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Google Style Ads (adwords)
Hi - I am lookign for someone to help with a couple little things. I just started a links site - http://flight-training-school.com and need some minor cosmetic work done:

1 - Move the state names farther apart so they look better
2 - Put a title bar over the right hand side that says "Sponsored"
3 - Make it easier for me to create Google style links like the example shown.
4 - Is there a way to count clicks from the sponsored links on the right and left?

Other than that my site is 'almost there', kind of plane at the moment though. I wanted to copy a site that I saw that had a real nice light gray background, but I never figured that part out.

Thanks and if anyone can help for money of course please let me know.


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kimber: Dec 19, 2003, 8:51 AM
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Re: [kimber] Google Style Ads (adwords) In reply to
This is on Links 2?


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Google Style Ads (adwords) In reply to
Sorry, yes Links 2.0