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Personals classifieds custom job

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Personals classifieds custom job

I have Links 2.0 running in my server (custom version - flat file version) as web directory.

Now I need to setup a Personals Classifieds Ads web directory. I ask in Links customization forum for help to do so. I have money to pay a programer that can customize this for my, but maybe in Links SQL (?). I need:

Visitors can show all personal data of members except few personal fields that only view the other members.

Some data remain private, like Telephone number or Email.

Only members can send private messages to other members. Visitors can´t do it.

Visitors can login with username and password to access all member options.

Members can upload their pictures. Those pictures will be shown in preview panel for each member (tumbnail pics) and in their personal data information. Option to include graph (like small camera picture) in member listing or search results.

Members will rank in the directory by number of times that they are previously login in the system. That is: if one member login for 3 times and another member login for 18 times, in related category visitors would find first user with 18 times connected that visitor with less time. This would be similar to ranked webs by inhits received...

Visitors can set up email alert that send them a message when someone send a private message to him/her

Admin can set up 'banned' words (bad words) and receive alerts by email with: member, text (with bad words), IP of the member, etc...

Admin receive by Email all new pictures upload and information of members and can aprove or decline it by email (link in Email?) or admin control panel

Ability to sort results by each variable defined

Auto back-up system that allow admin to save important members and database information (cron job?)

Targeted ad system: By keyword, category... banner, text or buttom format.

Counters on the ads for how many times the ad has been viewed and how many times the ad has been replied to.

Tell a friend built in option

Alert Admin link from each ad so that users can alert the administrator about ads that are ilegal or be in violation of the system policies

Option like: 'View all personals posted by this user'

Expirarion option of all ads. Members can modify this.

Multiple field search options, like: Mens from US, State: Nevada. Age: 21-26. Eyes: Blue that are looking for girls...

Fast search engine.

Major pages need to be static pages that generate by admin or by cron (each X hours for example)

Multiple Email notifications: Members login, forgot password, receive a private message from other member, etc.

Admin Emailer: Email all members in custom Email (include tags like name and personal data), email by category or by any other field in database.

Ability to export all data to text archive

Option to setup 'Who is online now?' that show the number of visitors and members that are online at this moment. Members can click on 'Who´s online now' and show the listing of members...

.... That is: a complex personal classifieds ads like http://www.friendfinder.com ad similars.

Much of this requirements are optional. I need the 'basic' options of the system and the rest would be implement later. If some of those requirements are so hard or expensive to implement, please, tell me how much time and price for the basics and for the options... I have money to pay this work, but I am not millonaire and 'Euro' currency its so low right now and its so expensive for us (european people) to buy dollars! :)

The work must be finish in 1 month or so...

Please, if you have any doubts or cuestions let me know. My english is not good... :(

Thank you very much for your time!

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Re: Personals classifieds custom job In reply to
I wouldn't even want to consider programming this in anything but the SQL version.

That said, you are looking at a complex personals system. I would say a basic system, would be in the neighborhood of about $2500 custom programming, with all the features you are looking for adding up to as much as $10,000.

This is for a custom job. It might be possible to alter some of the existing plugins to do what you need, but adding in private messages, pop ups, statistics and matrix searching is all something that may sound simple, but which will require more work than at first imagined.

Even modifying my upload image mod (logo/graphics 01/02) to integrate into the system would take more than a few hours, and a couple hundred dollars to work the way you want.

Part of this will become easier in Links 2.1, if you start out immediately using <%loop%> in the templates, and including the display features based on the User->{'status'} parameter, or a matrix of other parameters.

I've thought about this a lot, more in relation to domain names, and model search, but the idea is quite similar.

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Re: Personals classifieds custom job In reply to

Here a good classified program

I use it at:

Good luck

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Re: Personals classifieds custom job In reply to
I believe that jjtop is seeking an integrated solution with Links 2.0. There used to be a Classified Mod for Links 2.0 in the Resources section, but it doesn't seem to be available any longer.

As pugdog mentioned, it would be difficult to set it up with Links 2.0...it would be much easier with Links SQL.


Eliot Lee Wink
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Re: [jjtop] Personals classifieds custom job In reply to
Ummm... I don't have all the features you're looking for but I'm using LinksSQL as a simple Classifieds system on my site. I use the standard features that comes with the script and added a few like:

- Ads expire after 30/60/90 days (you choose when you post it)
- Manage your Ads. (Renew, Delete, Modify)
- Select whether to show certain information on the Ad
- Email notification that Ad is about to expire
- Maximum of 3 renewals

....there's probably a few things that I forgot. Anyway, take a look [url=http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/page.cgi]here[/url].

Safe swoops