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PUGDOGŪ Enterpises, Product Realignment.

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PUGDOGŪ Enterpises, Product Realignment.
I'm going to do a minor product realignment here, based on requests.

The time to re-order things is now, before it goes too far. Most people
purchased the full package, so this doesn't really affect them. Those
that didn't, may see a new product/version number on your next update.

1) 01.01.xx -- will be a general file/upload utility. One attachment to
a link. it will allow either text or graphic, and will allow you to limit
the size of the graphic as per the current release. The only change is
that it will _try_ to figure out if the attachment is a legitimate image,
if it is, it will insert the height, width and size into the database record.
If it's not, it will insert the size only into the database record. It's
up to the webmaster to decide how to handle the uploads... the best way
would be if exists height/width then display as image, otherwise put a
link to a file. This means how you use the data is dependent on how you
update your templates. It requires only Image::Size to be installed.

2) 02.01.xx -- Will add image processing to the previous. It will automatically
thumbnail, based on the defined selections, and will provide a method to allow
some user control (with webmaster overrride). It requires Image::Size and NetPbm
to be installed. It will be a perfect complement to the postcards.cgi and
will be available with that program as well.

3) 03.01.xx -- Will be a multiple-file attachment modification. I'm going
to insert this here, but this is pending any "official" specification from GT.

4) 04.01.xx -- Postcards.cgi -- available now. But will have added features.
Basically a light-weight postcards script, using the advanced features of Links SQL.

5) 05.01.xx -- Postcards Management System -- big brother to the Postcards.cgi
Adds some of the features of the #6 Photo Gallery program, etc.

6) 06.01.xx -- Photo Gallery/Image upload mod. -- Full image-management
capability. Will add as much multimedia support as possible. This is the
ultimate goal of the previous 5 mods. They will all be incorporated into this,
and this program will have all the features that I can add in. It will have
all the features I have always wanted. It will have more than most people will
ever want to use. It will be as modular as possible, so that you can disable,
and not load (or waste resources on) features you don't want to enable. It
will ship with the Postcards Management System and Postcards.cgi as sample
applications. It will include a slide-show (java/javascript based maybe --
if you can write this sort of application please contact me), otherwise the
slide show will be browser-pull, using standard 'refresh' -- compatible with
all systems. I'll have a demo of this system working - showing the current
state of progress - at the demo site, once the stable release is released.

Expect the 01.xx.xx and 02.xx.xx and 04.xx.xx series programs within the
next week. The 03.xx.xx will depend on what GT has in their plans as to a
release date. The 05.xx.xx and 06.xx.xx series will be in development for
some time to come. I'm not sure when a full release will be available, but
everyone who purchased/purchases the full package will get a chance to run
all runable releases as I develop them. Figure about a month before I'll
be comfortable releasing these larger programs. The "guts" are about 70%
done, but it's that last 30% that will take 95% of the time :)

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
FAQ: http://pugdog.com/FAQ