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New Links 2.0 user needs mod - additional db fields

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New Links 2.0 user needs mod - additional db fields
I initially posted this in the Link2 forum, but I think this is where it's supposed to go...

I want to hire someone to do a mod for me: add several additional fields to each database listing. I currently have Links 2 installed and some categories created, but I have not yet begun to import my list of links.

I want to use Links 2's database to store contact information for a list of companies. So I need several additional text fields like so:

Street Address Line 1
Street Address Line 2
Toll Free Phone

and a few others. Although I want these fields maintained in the db, I only want a few of them (e.g., city and state) to be dispayed on the Web site. The rest of the info (phone, fax, etc.) is for my use only at this point in time.

I would like to begin this project ASAP and ideally have it done in a week's time or less.

I would greatly appreciate any quotes from Links 2 devs out there who have an interest in doing this work for me! Not sure what the protocol is for receiving quotes from this discussion forum, so if it's not cool to list a price quote on the Web, feel free to e-mail me your bid at joe@writingwolf.com.
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Re: [jperez] New Links 2.0 user needs mod - additional db fields In reply to
I'm all taken care of! Thanks to those of you who responded.