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Need mods to Links 2.0

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Need mods to Links 2.0
Hi, I need mods to Links 2.0.

First, I'd like internal password protection for the admin interface because my web host won't like me password protect a cgi-bin directory.

Also, I'd like to have the Ratings page looke like this:


Please let me know if you can do the jobs and how much you'd like to be paid. Keep in mind I'm poor. Unsure


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aznaphrodite: Nov 19, 2001, 5:14 PM
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Re: [aznaphrodite] Need mods to Links 2.0 In reply to
Hi. I'll do both mods. Email: email@jsu07.com

$30 in Amazon or Paypal for both. Although at the moment, I am more interested in Amazon.