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Need customizing for "Employment Section"

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Need customizing for "Employment Section"
We need to create a "Job Posting" section to our site. We purchased Links SQL to handle this, but we dont have time or knowledge in customizing it to our needs.

What we need:
Under the categories, all that will be displayed is (fields):
Job ID #
Job Title
Job Description
Job Qualifications
A link to "Apply" to this job posting.

We do not need any other fields (Rate this, popular, votes, etc)

If user clicks "Apply for this job" link, he will be taken to a html form that captures the "Job ID #" and "Job Title" of that specific post, and he fills out other generic info, and also has the ability to upload a file (resume-pdf or word doc) This form could be sent to an email address w/ attached doc.

Thats about it. Doesn't sound too complicated...I hope.
Does anyone have the time to take this on?


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Re: Need customizing for "Employment Section" In reply to
You will also need to add UserID from the Users table in the "Jobs" table.

It wouldn't be too difficult. All you would have to do is copy the add.cgi and change the DBI objects to the "Jobs" definition file.

Some other suggestions:

1) Add an "Active" column for employers to "activate" or "deactive" job postings. This would help to reduce data entry on the part of the employer posting the job.

2) You can use the various Recommend Mods for LINKS SQL to do "apply" for the job. Not too complicated.

The attachment would be a bit complicated, although there are attachment plug-in available for LINKS SQL. The challenge will be editing the Mailer.pm to allow attachments that can be emailed to employers.

I am in the process of upgrading our Career Connection (job postings and resume postings) from DBMAN 2.04 to LINKS SQL.


Eliot Lee