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Need Perl Wiz To Customise Links 2.0

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Need Perl Wiz To Customise Links 2.0

Ok the person who was working on the customisation job for me can't complete it for personal reasons.

So I'm posting again. Here is the crux of the customisation I need done.
I need to add several custom new fields to various subcatagories, when a visitor(Link submitter) submits his link to the appropriate catagory those new added custom fields appear on the add.cgi or modify.cgi page.

Example: Let's say I have a top level catagory 'PETS', two subcatagories might be 'VETERINARIANS' and "PET FOOD SUPPLIERS'.
The information I want submitted and to be reflected in my links would be different for a Veterinarian and a Pet Food Supplier.
ie. I might have a new added field in the Veterinarian subcatagory asking the submitter to check off from a list of animals the species of animals that veterinarian treats. I might also want to ask "Do you also provide boarding kennel service?" Yes or No.......etc etc
Pet Food Suppliers would have altogether different set of fields ie Check off which brand names you carry, Do you do home delivery? Yes or No.........

I've been trying to get this done for me for a month out of these forums.

I will pay by Paypal or whatever other method you prefer.


Dan aka mayortommy
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Re: [mayortommy] Need Perl Wiz To Customise Links 2.0 In reply to

I'm a webmaster from http://inter-markets.co.uk, I'm replying to your message as I feel we will be able to do the work you need at a standard and price you want. If the work has not already been done please email me or reply to this message.
Please include your budget for this project.

Look Forward to your reply.

Davidd Sargent