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Need 2 Script to WorkWith Each other

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Need 2 Script to WorkWith Each other
Hello to all. I need to get two scripts working together. I have seen it other websites, but I cant figure out how to go about it.

Ok here its what I need to do.

I have this form at this address.

I would like to ad this to the form:

<input type="Checkbox" name="optnewsletter" value="Y" CHECKED><font size="2" face="verdana,arial,helvetica">
<b>Yes,</b> I’d like to receive Panamas.net newsletter and notifications of new site features.

The cyber card site uses card.cgi
and the maling list uses subscribe.cgi

So when someone sends a Cyber Card From my site they can subscribe to the mailing list at the same time.

Here is the code for Card.cgi

Here is the code for Subscribe.cgi


Web you all later...Panama
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You can't call two cgi's with the same submit. You need to incorporate one into the other -- or call the other from the program.

You might want to have card.cgi check to see if there was an $in->param sent, and if so, call the routine to run the newsletter code.

This has been requested several times, and I'm working on some code for NG version that will intercept the final calls to add, modify, etc and check to see if any "other" parameters were set. If so, take some action. You can define the parameter and the action to be taken if that parameter is set.

This is generic -- and requested -- enough that maybe Alex will want to add this into the core code. It's really an upgrade to the plug-in system, where the plug-in dispatch looks for certain parameters (a set up to the dispatch program) and automatically runs code rather than sending it to a plug in. (subtle differences).

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