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MultiUpload & Image Gallery Mods

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MultiUpload & Image Gallery Mods
I posted a note in the Plug-ins area, about some changes to these mods. If anyone hasn't realized it yet, the one constant is change :)

I should have a MultiUp mod out in beta, very, very soon.

The Image Gallery mod has been completely redesigned, and will contain significantly more features from both ends. To that end, the anticipated release price will be going up, so if anyone has been considering it -- FAIR WARNING -- I will end the current pre-release pricing offer at the end of this month, and replace it with the higher priced new one -- don't delay! At most, it will be available for one more week.

For more details, check out the post in the plug-ins area.

And before any of the usual people start whining, this forum is for:

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A forum for people seeking paid custom modifications to any of Gossamer Threads' scripts.
and with one post, I've answered dozens of threads, and inquiries, and people's requests for a multiple-file attachment mod, and it's ETA.

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