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Links Sql upgrade
hello there

Can anyone tell me if they can perform a full upgrade from Links SQL 1.13 to the NG including importing links/cats/editors and subscribers databse.
How much will it be ?

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Not a real problem to do, as long as you have shell access. A bit more problematic for non-shell access.

I've done it a few times. Depending on the size of the database, it takes about an hour to do an install and make sure it works. Sometimes it takes some tweaking, which can add a bit of time.

If you've done any customizations, that means possibly more time, or longer to check it.

I've been charging $150 for an install.

That doesn't include fixing up templates or adding in mods, but it does include importing the 1.1x database and getting everything running in 2.0 mode. Your old links 1.1x installation will still run, and this will run next to it, until you are ready to make the change over.

I've usually been able to do it 24 hours of request.

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Re: Links Sql upgrade In reply to
If you are looking for a cheaper installation then I can help you out...but I suggest you stick with pugdog (the expert)

Like the picture on your profile pugdog!

Paul Wilson.
(Dont blame me if I'm wrong!)