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Links SQL Expire Plugin/Mod

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Links SQL Expire Plugin/Mod

I'm interested in an expire plugin or mod for Links SQL. I'm after something which has the following features:

- Admin can set the day, month and year a link expires
- Admin can choose for link never to expire
- Link does not get built when expire date has passed

This is not really a priority, but if the user could have this option when submitting a link it would be good.
- User can choose X 'months' from pull down menu for time the link should be shown - ie. 1 - 12 or 36
- The month they've chosen is automatically converted into the admins day, month year setting calculated off todays date.

If anyone could give me a price to do this it would appreciated - either just the admin section only or both.


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Re: Links SQL Expire Plugin/Mod In reply to
None of this is really hard. The user area is just a template/HTML thing, with the script converting it to an acceptable date format.

You'd need a routine added to the "build" and/or "repair" utilities, that would update the "expired" flag, the same way the new/cool flags are set.

During requests for links, you'd want to add "and not isExpired"

To make it a plug-in, you'd just have to look for the right hooks. You need to add "and not isExpired" (or similar) to all requests for links to display (search, build, category, detailed), but not to admin requests, or user modify requests.

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