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Links Data Import/XML project

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Links Data Import/XML project
I'm still trying to spec this job and hampered a little by a lack of any real knowledge as to how Links works. However, let me share what I'd like to achieve and if anyone can assist in the development then I'd like to discuss costs....

I make submissions (under agreement with and by hand to a number of directories - most but not all use the Links software).

I would like to explore ways to:

a) make the submitting task easier for me
b) provide extended data to the directories
c) provide some kind of sychronised data import for updates and new submissions
d) have an open-ended system (XML?) that will allow non-links software users to still access my data files.

Here's current thinking...

I create a database based on XML.

This open ended system allows anyone to access datafiles to import/sychronise data (with my permission).

The hope of using XML is to enable any database to use the data whether they are a links user or not. However as most are already Links users I would want to explore how the database and scripts can be developed to allow link directories owners to access the data with a minimum of technical issues.

One key issue includes allowing databases to 'sychronise' data but not use my bandwidth to actually serve search results.

As a rough summary:

-create XML database keeping it open-ended so non-links owners can still work with my datafiles
-provide data import feature for any new directories that launch using links and want to start using my existing data
-provide an easy way to feed 'new data records' to registered directory owners
-provide an easy way for my end users to log in to alter their datafiles which in turn is sychronised to feed the modifications to my registered directory owners

I really need to chat to develop ideas further before confirming a job spec to quote on but if your familar with the Links software (all versions) and XML and are able to provide affordable development work then please get in touch.

Many Thanks
Neil Durrant