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Links 2 sort mod
I'm very much a novice with Perl and am looking for someone to help with this and will gladly pay for their time.

In Links2 I have added a new sub routine (sub rotate_alphabet) to my db utils.pl in order to get a different letter, rotating daily, from which to start the sort from. I have tested this and it works fine, its messy but it works.

The "trigger" rotates to the next letter daily, no matter how many builds are carried out. That was the easy bit, although still took me hours to achieve

But, being a complete novice with Perl I am having no end of trouble trying to figuring out how my sort routine should be modified to sort links using the "trigger" as the first letter.

ie. if $newtrigger for the day is equal to "M" then sorting starts at "M" and ends at "L", and the following day $newtrigger is equal to "N" sorting from "N" to "M", etc.

I would greatly appreciate any help you might be able to give me with this. I have removed the "New" and "Popular" references from the build_sorthit routine as I dont want those to be listed first, simply an alphabetical list starting at the "$newtigger" for the day.

The result I get from the sub rotate_alphabet routine is $newtrigger, where
$alpha[$newtrigger] = the start letter for the day. I hope this makes sense.

So what I am after is someone with a knowledge of Perl to write me a new sub build_sorthit routine for Links2 that will sort my links alphabetically, with the list starting at the $newtrigger letter.

I'm sure this is quite possible for someone who knows their way around Perl and I am quite prepared to pay someone to do it for me.

Thanks in advance


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Re: [marker] Links 2 sort mod In reply to
Hi. I'll do it. Email: email@jsu07.com

I'll do it for $20 Amazon or Paypal, but I am more interested in Amazon right now (about to purchase something big).