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Links 2.0 Modification needed

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Links 2.0 Modification needed
I am looking to pay someone a fixed amount for Links 2.0 modification. The modification I need is to reformat one of the fields entered by the end user through an Add or Modification record form. I have a modified installation of Links 2.0 so if you need a copy of any of the configuration files let me know and I can send them.

The field I need modified is a Phone Number field and I would like a modification completed that reformats the field to (areacode) prefix-number, e.g. (408) 555-1212

The field may be entered in a variety of different ways, which is the problem now since I have to make the modification by hand, but I have seen it entered:







If you think you can tackle this modification let me know by e-mail at doug.drudik@cox.net. Please reply with your fixed amount bid to accomplish this modification and a deadline you set for having it completed, I will choose a developer by the end of the week if I receive an acceptable entry. I will notify you either way by the end of week if you contact me.