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Links 2.0 Mod Job


I'm not much of a techie type but I did manage to install Links2.0 on my site. I'm unhappy with it though. It doesn't do what I want it to do. So I need somebody to do the modifications to it. The stuff I want done I think are covered by already available mods i've seen in these forums. I just don't have the patience to do them myself.

This is what I want. I want my categories to be different. I want my visitors to be able to look quickly at a link in the different catagories and get certain information which is in every link in that catagory so they can compare easily the features of one link versus the others in that catagory.

ie. Let's say one of my catagories is Programmers4Hire
I want link submittters to fill out extra fields in the form and then have that information appear in the links as either text or a graphical icon.
So in 'Programmers4Hire' i might want fields like
'Languages'- submitter chooses from Perl, C, Java, PHP etc......
another might be 'Cost Per Hour' - choose between 40/hr, 50/hr etc
another might be 'Experience'- choose between 1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr etc

i think u get the picture. I also want some of those 'answers' to be represented by icons in my link output, looks nicer that way and since the icons are small and repeated alot bandwidth or page load time isn't a factor.

I have seen these mods in here, the multiple categories and i think altcategories.

Oh yeah one more thing to this job, back to my example 'Programmers4Hire', i want my visitors to be able to sort the Links results according to some of those extra fields i had submitters fill in on the submit form. So somebody who wanted only a Perl programmer could sort them so that the links with guys who do Perl come up first.

This looks like an easy job for a pro or an amateur who is very familiar with this script.

Please bid on this job by emailing me if interested.