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Links 2.0 Custom Script Modifications (FOR MONEY)

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Links 2.0 Custom Script Modifications (FOR MONEY)
Dear Link Programmers,

I am in need of a skilled programmer, to design a few custom mods and make mods to our database to allow us to sell a certain product.

We are definetly going to pay for this. One of the mods needed to be created is a featured listing mod. We want to select and unselect featured listings and be able to put them on an HTML page, so that we may remotely call them into our main page. The featured listing page, will have to show the "Detailed" view of the listing.

We also, want to setup a self booking system. The system will allow our customers to pay x amount of money and have them selves listed in our database. And then a talk show host of a radio or tv station may click Purchas and the clients credit card will be billed. Or something like that.

We also have various other tasks required. Could you kindly contact me at: dgtech@riverview.net and be sure to include your web site URL, where located (We mainly want US only), your going rate (Must be under $15/hr), and your phone number. You must also accept PayPal.

You must be reliable, and cannot cut out on us in a middle of a job or stop responding. If you can no longer handle it, you must bring in another programmer with the same qualifications as your self.

Thank you for your time in reading my post!