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LinksSQL, GT Forum, Community & PHP?

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LinksSQL, GT Forum, Community & PHP?
This may or may not be considered a custom modification but I think this is the best place to post it since it will lead to custom modification jobs.

Here goes.. I run a website that uses, LinksSQL, GT Forum, a CGI chat, a CGI article manager from Interactive tools, a PHP gallery and (in development) a PHP penpals script.

Most people know that I am not a programmer so bear with me as usual.

I would like a universal login for the site and had assumed that all components had to be written in the same language for this sort of synergy to occur. I have even flirted with giving up the CGI componets and converting everything to PHP. My thinking was that this would facilitate the use of a single login for most of the site.

Here is my offer, I hope it doesn't come across as insulting. I need some help with this. What I'd like to do is pay (bribe :) someone -- a person who is VERY knowlegeable of GT products -- $25 to spend some time (hour or less) playing around the site including LinksSQL and GT forum admin areas, to suggest ways in which I could improve the functionality of the site (plugins, mods and such), ways in which GT community could possibly be integrated into the site. I'm especially interested in really fine-tuning the way the directory and forum work.

From reading recent posts, I feel like I'm still in the dark ages while most of you are orbiting in space with the star trek crew.Tongue

Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping out with this fact finding mission. I wish I had more of an incentive... To clarify, this is only to cruise the site and suggest ways to make things more cohesive -- from a technical standpoint. Please PM if you'd prefer to communicate that way.