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I currently run Links2 so am familar with it!

I want to take a default link2 and turn it into a classified ads section which will automically expire the links at 14, 30, 60, 90, 182, 365 days. An auto email needs to be sent at a specified time (set by me) to the Ad owner before the Ad expires giving them the chance to renew it and a url included to renew it.

If they choose not to renew it then the ad must be auto deleted.

Will need a registration process etc.

I know GTSQL would do this job a lot better but outa my range price wise so Links2 will have to do.

Please send via email your quotes to do this to webmaster@nzcid.org.nz

Another option I have is to buy a CLassified ads program written in perl which is allowed by the author to be modded. So one would have to be a perl whiz.

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Ian Conza: Dec 6, 2001, 8:11 PM