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Job: Update to new templates

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Job: Update to new templates
I think I posted for a customization job in the wrong forum. Sorry...
I'm looking for a meticulous programmer to update a directory site with new templates.
The site uses Links2 from Gossamer Threads (CGI/PERL)
The template will need to be optimized to make sure it works in Netscape4 browsers (cause then it'll work for most others...) This will be the first step which I'll check before you continue. The optimization needed is really for a couple table borders that look weird in Netscape4. The table rows need to be aligned properly that's all...

I would also like the newsletter activated/setup whatever.

The stylesheet for the entire directory would need updating as well.

The right, left and bottom navigation need to be includes so that I can update them easily.

Here's where it gets slightly complicated. The design uses tabs for the upper navigation. Three tabs X,Y, Z link to pages that are generated by Links2 so those three pages need to have separate templates because the active tab changes depending on the landing page.

Finally, the search form will need to be activated in the new design.

Please, bid only if you are the kind of programmer who pays attention to detail and cares about the quality of his/her work.

I really think you may want to copy the entire site to a new directory and make the modifications there. There's a lot of server space for that.

$100 max... one week max...

See attached sketch


Best Regards....

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galfriday: Jan 6, 2003, 2:53 PM
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 K... kill this thread.. Just found someone... Hope it works out.
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