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Installation Specialist

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Installation Specialist
NOT REALLY APPROPRIATE. If for some reason, this has something to do with Links 2 installations, then please let me know via PM, and I will remove this edit. You better place for posting this would be the 'Custom' forum, located near the top of the forum Wink

We are working on the next release of our product, and need to add to our team.

We are at the installation package stage in our product development, and need to hire an engineer to stay on schedule for our next release. We are not interested in hiring consultants for the project. Instead we want to bring someone in-house. Ideally someone that is strong in developing Unix, AND Windows based installers, knows Java, Perl, and Unix Shell Scripting, and finally has been working on installation procedures for at least the past 4 to 5 years. Would anyone have suggestions, besides the big job boards, for where we could talk with an engineer that might fit this bill?
A more detailed description can be found on our website.

Again, just looking for help.

Thanks in advance

Doug Smiley
dir: 781-622-6733
fax: 781-622-6202

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Andy: Aug 16, 2002, 10:30 AM
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Re: [dsmiley74] Installation Specialist In reply to
This isn't really a Links2 installation issue so I've moved the post....I'm not sure this forum is really that appropriate but it is better than where it was originally.
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Re: [Paul] Installation Specialist In reply to

Sorry if it was an inconvenience. Just trying to network with people

Best regards,