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I need a price on Customizing DBman?

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I need a price on Customizing DBman?
i need a subroutine to put in DBman flat file data base...
several fields added { |rank|wins|losses|win percentage|hot|cold|game1|game2|game3|game4|game5|

the routine will have a login to report a loss to a userid... if team reports a loss to a rank below them, then team below moves up in rank by 1/2 (clan 100 beats clan 1 - then clan 100 moves to 50th spot but clan 1 stay at 1... only bottom ranks move up ) the routine will update data to each clan loss or win and percentage and place user id in game fields ... plz reply tx

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Re: I need a price on Customizing DBman? In reply to

We would be happy to help you out. However, I am not very clear on what you wish to accomplish . Can explain in more detail?


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Re: I need a price on Customizing DBman? In reply to
Hi steven,
it seems i can't find no one with a little time to help me out... so i posted about a quota for a custom mod...
i'm ganna startup a ClanWars Online Ladder.
(non profit and no banner ads)may i add...
i'll be hosting from home with apache and win98.

the mod will have 14 main fields

|rank|wins|losses|win streak|win/loss%|kills|deaths|kill/death%|total games played|game1|game2|game3|game4|game5|

1- login form
2- form=( winner_id, looser_id, kills, deaths)
3- winner post and mod creates temp file in temp folder and writes input...
4- looser logs in and confirms loss...
5- mod then gets match info from temp and updates database then deletes temp file..

new accounts start at rank 0
1st win puts the clan on ladder in last spot(lets say rank200 cuz there was 199 clans on ladder)
if a higher rank looses to lower rank( no rank is updated )
if lower rank wins to higher rank ( top rank is divided by 2 for sum and sum=rank of winner)

and must update all stats at confirms

i'm working on format right now..
i just have all fields f01, f02, f03, etc...

i can add the mod if you can write it..
tx for ur time,
R.D.West Sr.