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Graphic Design / Graphic Designers needed for site development

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Graphic Design / Graphic Designers needed for site development
We are looking for several graphic designers for a number of projects we have.


The biggest project, is getting many of our over 6,000 domains on-line, with
a demo/sample interface.

About 1,000 sites are going to be demo'd as Links SQL sites. These are domain
names that are ideal for setting up a directory, information resource, or other
type of site with a database back end.

All these sites need good, unique, or at least different, templates, and logos.

BartendersForHire.com is one that comes to mind, as ready to be developed,
populated, and set up for the coming wedding & holiday seasons. There is
also BareTendersForHire.com ... use your imagination ;) (Sort of like the
Florida company Maids with a View).

A fun name, for a hobby or niche site, (One I actually wanted to do in my now
non existent spare time) is AnimalActorsDatabase.com Think about the niche
potential for a site like that from people trying to find out information on
who played Lassie in the first movie, or who was the actor who played the pug
in Men in Black, to listings of animals, animal trainers and handlers, exotic
animals available, etc. Potential revenue streams are from listing fees, classifieds,
movie/dvd sell throughs, books, printed animal gear, etc. No time :( , so it's
on the list to develop in basic form, and make available.

If you have a lot of template ideas, but no place to showcase them, maybe we
have the solution for you.

1) All template sets must be complete Links SQL template sets.
2) They must be configured via the globals.txt file, not by editing the templates.
3) They may use custom globals, or need some our plugins/globals to run.
4) Header/footer files and "include" files can be editable, but not per-page
4a) layout of the header/footer, but not the substitutions such as "Logo_Large" or "Logo_Small"
4b) side bars, boxes, and such can be (and should be) <%included%>
5) New pages must be able to be added quickly by copying a default template, and
at most changing the <title></title> tags. Everything else should be automatic.
6) oh... more things, I'm sure, as these have to be top-notch templates, with
as little editing of the templates as possible -- and absolutely NO editing the
same change in more than one file -- ever. If you need to do that, it should be
a global, or an include.
7) CSS is fine, and encouraged. This is becoming the standard for complex pages,
but it only covers the look of the templates. It does not take the place of top-notch
template design.

This is obviously not for everybody, and I had thought about offering the sites to
the local graphic arts school for real-world projects, with a share of revenue from
the site sale.

The deal depends on your templates, the number of templates you provide, and such.
Re-sellable templates (not unique sales) will be a lower percentage than a one-time
unique sale. Actual deals will depend on the site, the templates, and such, but here
are some of our current numbers and plans.

Our minimum sell price for a low-end name is $600, with no other features. Fully
developed, higher end names have tags of up to $25,000 at this time. Our targeted
average, and most of our names, come in at around $15,000 for fully developed sites.
(These are domains that 2 years ago were valued _FAIRLY_ at $15,000 naked, or
roughly $1200 a month which was a fair rent on an average sized, average/good
location for a brick/mortar store around here, a mid-rent area, or looked at another
way, $500/month for 3 years with consumer interest rates. This is how we
picked most of our names, and how we valued them.) Our average domain-name-only
price has recently hit $3000 for average or just below average names. This shows
there is a lot of potential here -- something Andy and I simply cannot, and have no
time to, exploit fully. It's a niche that a non-programmer with basic links template
knowledge can potentially turn into a major full-time business.

More people are turning to the Internet and a website to validate their business.
More people are out of work, and starting up their own businesses.
More people are looking for a second income, or potentially leaving their current job.
A major shift is occuring, and domain names are again in demand. Not the hysteria
of the past, where junk names were registered in the hopes of turning a million
dollar profit, but a real-world workable model akin to real estate. A good name
pays off over time in savings, type ins, retained customers, etc. A good site
design can encourage sales or increase revenue stream.

Check the names in our portfolio, and see how they compare to others. Our names
were registered with this specific development, and eventual sale model in mind,
*NOT* random picks. About 70% of the names were picked specifically with a Links SQL
backed site development in mind. Others were picked because they were flat out
cool. About 10% were picked as names to protect other names, so they are somewhat
less than good, but serve a purpose beyond their own right. These are names that
go along with other sites, and were not thought of to be developed on their own.
(A number of names belong, or belonged to other
customers and projects, so not all names listed are available to develop right now.)

That still leaves about 4,000 names, with at least 1,000+ prime development property.

Check them out yourself.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a long-term, on-going investment of your
down time, or spare time, in bankable -- and visible -- assets.

Contact us via PM on http://ultranerds.com/forum if you might be interested.

There is opportunity for more than 1 person or company here, and even one good idea
for a specific site can earn you a significant return on that site's sale.


We are still looking for top notch site design, and logos for our own sites.
These include:


and others you can see off the http://ultranerds.com page.

We are looking for:

1) an Ultranerds Logo we can use. It must be rescalable and flexible so it can be
used on web pages, stationary, in print, etc. Color is good, but it should not depend
on color. Or both a color and 2-tone version should be provided.

2) site design. The design should be flexible, adhere to the above rules, and as
a bonus, be modifiable across all our sites to give a consistent look/feel, but
yet a distinctive identity to each site. Yes, it's a tall order.

If we accept your design for one site, or you provide a logo we just can't pass up,
you'll get a fully licensed Ultra package, with life-time renewal. You can keep
it, or assign/sell it to someone else.

If you provide a site design we use for one site, you will also get the above.

If you provide a site design that can be used across our network, you'll get the
above package, plus your choice of one of our OEM versions (the cost of the Links
SQL license is not included). If you also provide a logo, with the multi-site
design, you can either get a Links SQL license for the OEM version, or a second
Ultra package as outlined above. The 'logo' itself is considered a separate item.

NOTE: All pages must allow for a change of logo across all the sites. While the
layout of a site may not change, as people become familiar with it, a logo, trademark
color, or header information may change, so should be easily modifiable, and not
welded into the templates as graphics.

NOTE 2: Because links sites are variable, all templates must expand/stretch to
different size browser windows (800, 1024, etc) as well as expand DOWNWARDS to
accomodate varying numbers of links, or link sizes due to graphics, descriptions, or
other data.


Yes, these are tall orders, but the rewards can be great.

A good designer will be able to showcase their work on sites for sale, and
potentially rack up mulitple sales, as well as new customers for custom
design work.

You can showcase your templates/design on top-quality domain names, in a
real-world application, not some dead, dummy, lifeless gallery.

For a look at some of the domains, check http://identitydots.com

Not all domains are listed there, and about 2% of the domains may have already
been sold, or dropped. We are in the process of updating it all, and it will
be in-sync to our "pre-built-sites" directory available right now on

PUGDOG´┐Ż Enterprises, Inc.

The best way to contact me is to NOT use Email.
Please leave a PM here.
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