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Gimmy some quotes!

Hello all,

I am looking for a quote for the following custom scripts. I have tried to be as descriptive of my needs as possible; if you have any further questions, please email me. Please note that we do not run LinksSQL at the moment and need quotes in order to understand if LinksSQL will be an affordable solution for our college project. Please mention any discounts that may apply if I would allow these custom scripts to be redistributed by you. The LinksSQL bulletin boards are littered with people looking for scripts like these. I am sure they would be a very profitable addition to your already impressive collection of scripts. Below is everything you should need:

Terms & Important Notes:
  1. ‘x’ is use to describe a certain number (variable)
  2. ‘ad/ads’ refers to the detailed page. The script will be used to run a classified ads site.
  3. ‘credit’ is a value. For example a user may purchase credits to add to their account and in order to post a picture, have a bold subject, etc. with his/her ad they will need to use ‘x’ amount of credits.
  4. Only registered members can add/del/mod their own links
  5. Users can post ads for free however special features such as posting images/bold subject lines will require user to purchase and use ‘x’ amount of credits to do so.

  • Members area
    • Favorite Lists (available to signed-in users), allows them to store ‘x’ amount of ads; displays ‘x’ amount of ads on homepage (example: if user has 30 favorite ads in their favorites, the top 5 can be displayed on the homepage when they log-in); Favorite ads that have been deleted from the directory will remain on the users favorite list for ‘x’ amount of days (example: 15 days), no longer containing a hyperlink to the ad and will contain text stating that the link has expired (“link has expired”); Links can be added/deleted at anytime; User has the option not to be notified that the site has been deleted (via the disabled ad mentioned above with the “link has expired” text) and the link will be automatically deleted from his/her favorites. Must allow for the following errors: User has exceeded the ‘x’ amount of sites that they can add to their favorites; User prompt asking login if not already signed-in to add a link to their favorites.

    • Credits Mod; credits are added if a secret url is passed (i.e. …/bin/crd.cgi?usr=user@hotmail.com&crd=100) this will add 100 credits to user@hotmail.com’s account. ‘x’ amount of credits are subtracted when ads with certain features like images/bold text are approved by the admin; also these features (add images to ads) will not appear until the user has purchased credits.

    • Save Search (similar to eBAY’s save search option) allows users to save search criteria that can be referenced via a link; Allow for ‘x’ amount of searches to be saved by the user; Optional html emails can be sent to user including the top ‘x’ results of the their saved searches; User has option of how often these emails are sent out.

    • Auto Delete Links allow for automated deletion of ads older then ‘x’ days. The script must check a custom value in the database; i.e. value of 30 = delete ads that were added 30 days ago.

    • Delete Notify warns the member via email that his/her link will expire in ‘x’ days and allows the user to relist his/her link for another ‘x’ amount of days and will subtract an ‘x’ value from persons credits if they are extending an ad with special features like images or bold subject line

    • Picture Mod. LinksSQL allows for file uploads. This script will take ‘x’ amount of uploaded image enqueue them in the validation area of the admins section. The admin will then have the option of uploading a replacement image if the one submitted is not suitable. (The reason for the admin upload is: so that the admin can edit the photo in photoshop, crop it/size it/optimize it and then allow it to be submitted)

I hope I didn’t make anyone’s head spin. There is no urgency for these modifications as of yet. Simply I need an idea of what we are looking at to drive something like this; keep in mind this project is being funded by a couple of students and we are poor. Wink

Please email me with a quote to pulsar_3000@hotmail.com and post any further questions here to aid others.


Milan Z. Armani
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