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GMail customizations
I'd like to get a quote from a GMail expert out there for the following customizations to GM, I think they are all pretty simple, I'm just running out of time:
- make domain/template default to domain clicked in on with multiple domains
- add processing of requests to be added to one of several newsletters and one of several interest categories where they can pick and choose which ones they want
- add a check box to notify of special offers that when they hit the signup for the first time defaults to checked but handles any changes they make in error processing and insert (ie, they uncheck)
- I'll have free and pay accounts and if they sign up for a pay account, print different template than normal validation one and send different validation email but still do all the regular validation, inserts, etc.. (I'll provide the template)

and as a separate quote
- convert all my default templates to use stylesheets

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